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Today we bring some kids’ room which has made us fall in love. We really like Scandinavian atmospheres. However, we think that those shown on _Katharinamaria Instagram have a special charm. Less common and more attractive. I promise you will fall in love with them.

A Woman with Good Taste for Kids’ Bedrooms

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There no doubt that _Katharinamaria has a wonderful taste. We could see it on the online shop, a wonderful site with lots of interesting brands and soft products which turn rooms into personal spaces. Nevertheless, today we are focused on her Instagram account, which is an excellent source of inspiration to decorate our kids’ rooms, well, our kids’ bedrooms.

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The best part? If you really like something you can find it at her shop (well, not always but in most of the cases). An online catalogue shows the great result of these wonderful combinations.

White Tones which Shine with Warm Touches

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White is always the focus of attention in kids, rooms. Yes, its’ crucial for _Katharinamaria.

It’s OK, especially if we consider that light must always be present in a kids’ room.

kids-room-with wooden touches5

But using white does not involve that it is the only colour we can use, at all. There are also pastel tones here and they can enliven these spaces in a great way.

In other of the bedrooms, we can find a very dark blue tone to include dynamism and life. Not too much, of course, white must play the main role.

Wooden Touches with Personality

kids-room-with wooden touches6

Wooden is present in all the atmospheres created by _Katharinamaria. It’s not strange, wood completes that cold white. A great option to be added to those colour touches.

kids-room-with wooden touches7

Wood on the floor is an easy option. The difficult part is to include it in little details without creating a rustic atmosphere where those touches are too much. A doll’s house, a little drawer to keep toys or a toy kitchen which mixes white and natural tones. All those elements help to create personal, natural and charming atmospheres. As we have said before, a great source of inspiration.

Images via @_katharinamaria