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Having a newborn is a wonderful feeling, but being a parent can also be quite demanding. You have to take care of your child and keep it safe every hour of every day. That’s why designing their rooms is challenging, especially if you’re trying to provide them with amusement as well as protection. Your kids’ room has to inspire their creativity and make them want to explore the world, but also ensure maximum safety. Here’s how you can create such a room and successfully combine a playground and a shelter for your child.

Proper beds


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A great bed is a vital part of your kid’s room. Their beds need to be comfortable and spacious, so your children would have enough room to move around at night– which is something most kids usually do.

Moreover, these beds must be secured with proper rails and guards that prevent kids from falling off. If you are considering moving your toddler from crib to bed, don’t buy one before reading this ultimate guide of toddler beds!

Finally, remember to decorate the beds with vibrant bedding, sheets, and linens that will keep children occupied and entertained until they fall asleep and also help make their dreams more colorful and vivid.

Proper playing areas


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No matter how old they are, all children love playing! Hence, the parents are responsible for a safe and amusing playing area that doesn’t have to be too spacious, but has to be crafted carefully and patiently. Most kids won’t mind being left alone in a corner of the living room, but doing something extraordinary when creating their playing area is much more rewarding.

Tents and canopies are perfect for kids of all ages. These will give them privacy and seemingly separate them from the rest of the family while still allowing the parents to keep a watchful eye on them just in case. And if you choose a special Bubba Blue teepee created from organic fabric and in accordance with the standards of eco-friendliness, you can be sure that your kids are surrounded by a safe and natural material that encourages their imagination.


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 Proper toys


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Once you’ve made a playing area for your kids, you should get them a few toys as well. Depending on their age, there are lots of options to choose from, but make sure these toys don’t contain any dangerous chemicals or other harmful substances since kids are prone to chewing them, especially when teething. So, choose only the toys that are equally inspiring and safe, and you won’t have to worry about your children getting hurt.

Proper wallpaper


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Since the walls are a part of your kids’ room, utilize this space and make sure it’s amusing, inspiring and stimulating. Learning is important from the early age and this is a great way for a child to get familiar with colors and shapes.

Choosing the perfect wallpaper can be tricky and there are lots of options to consider, but most parents opt for the classic choices and dress their kids’ rooms in cartoon characters or subtle geometrical patterns. Coloring wallpapers are also great for kids of any age and they are easily removable when you’re ready for a new look.

Proper carpets


Photo credit: World rug and décor accessories by Oyoy

After choosing the wallpaper, it’s time to pick an adequate wall-to-wall carpet or rug that will cover the entire floor of your kids’ room. As they have a tendency to spend most of their time playing on the floor or just lying around, these carpets have to be thick, warm, supportive, absolutely clean and, if possible, eco-friendly as well.

While some parents doubt whether carpets in kids’ rooms are a good idea or not, others use them without thinking twice. Carpets can be just as inspiring, creative and amusing as the wallpapers, so find the ones your kids love the most and make sure you clean them regularly.

Proper home protection

Finally, since you’ve made your kids’ room safe, do the same with the rest of your home. Childproofing it room by room is an essential part of parenting, so get this job done as soon as possible and allow your children to be healthy and happy all day long.

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Molly Millson is an interior designer student, and she also writes articles for the blog Smooth Decorator.