In these cold days, we really love imagining ourselves in a warm tropical place, a space full of colour and new scents where everything looks different and exciting. Maybe we don’t have a suitable budget or time enough but we can create this world at home with these ideas to decorate kids’ rooms with a tropical touch. From huge murals to little details that add freshness and creativity to every space.

We start with green tropical leaves that wrap the rooms in this bedroom styled by Linda from Live Loud Girl as if we were in the forest. Which other ideas can we use?

Toucan Wallpaper


Peek & Pack brings this wonderful and wallpaper we really love it! This children’s wallpaper shows modest colours but it’s funny and special because of all those toucans that appear once and again. This is a good way to get a forest look!

Natural Style with Tropical Leaves


Those enormous leaves with tropical style have become a great piece to decorate. They can be artificial so they last for a longer time and, nowadays, they are high-quality products. We can use them to decorate the ceiling, a chest of drawers or a vase. We can do whatever we want to complete a fresh and natural decoration like this one showed by Smallable with a cute wicker crib.

Funny Lighting with A Leave


Instagram is always providing cool ideas. According to the tropical theme chosen today, we have found this leave created to light up a dark corner. It’s a good concept to replace a traditional lamp and add a unique touch in a kids’ or teen’s room.

Tropical Mural Inspired by The Forest

Open your eyes because this mural is breathtaking. A black and white jungle that wraps everything with palm trees, leaves, birds and other animals. It’s like the forest had come to the room and- there’s no doubt —- it adds lots of personality.  Rafa-Kids talks about it because of its Bohemian and casual style.

Original Walls from A Tropical World


Rafa-Kids has also made us fall in love with this cute kids’ room. Vintage furniture, a red wooden rocking horse and amazing walls. A cute colour range with tropical birds and a dense forest to add light and colour to the room. Do you like these tropical ideas?


And what about this jungle wallpaper for a nursery? Lush and full of life, this jungle wallpaper is perfect for a nursery/kid’s room needing a little imagination. This mural is playful yet sophisticated.

Tropical is one of the décor trends for 2017. Do you embrace it at home?

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