As far as kids’ decoration is concerned, vintage looks are the main competitor of Nordic style. We love both of them with that amazing furniture and their cute details. Today we are focused on vintage rooms and get some ideas from Royal Roulotte that shows some inspiring spaces which we want to copy since the first moment we saw them.

These vintage rooms have every detail, from the children’s pictures to the garland, just a few details but lots of charm. Warm tones are softened with blue are the perfect combination. Are you ready for cool spaces?

Vintage Rooms with Modern Textiles


Mixtures always get new and unexpected results, so you will love this inspiration. A beautiful wrought-iron bed with the mustard tone of winter is combined with modern pieces. We can see modern textiles which have been showed in other rooms like those kids refuges by Deuz. There is no doubt that they can include new and vintage things to get a decoration as cool as this one.

Vintage Nursery


The nursery is also a good place to include vintage style. It has been designed to add some few details to define the atmosphere. Although the crib shows a modern design with straight and simple lines, there are many others elements which add character and personality. The old suitcase, that crochet rug or the great lamp made of natural materials. This shows that we can get a cool space with just some elements.

Charming Vintage Spaces


A restored piece of furniture can make a big difference in the decoration. This vintage piece shows a romantic touch and many ideal tones which could be perfectly mentioned in the post about pink rooms. A pale pink tone is mixed with the inner flower print, this is completely retro! The books and details of the wooden toys complement the style of the furniture.

Vintage style is a trend and there are pieces with an incomparable charm. You can add this pieces full of history to your kids’ rooms, they can be perfectly combined with modern textiles and many others styles and designs.

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