Wood is so cute! It provides warmth to every space and reminds us that traditional furniture around us when we were kids. Yes, wood is important again and it’s great because is a wonderful material for all kinds of atmospheres. So you might join the trend of vintage bedrooms where antique pieces are mixed with modern ones in a creative and funny combination.

These are some stylings of Fanny &  Alexander, a beautiful brand of wooden toys encouraging fantasy and imagination of children. We’ve found several charming ideas and details in these pictures. Recover that chair you had forgotten because now it’s really trendy. If it shows that wasted look it will be better. In this case, they add a simple storage piece for kids, in order to provide them their own space for reading. They complete the set with a funny DIY crochet garland because they always add that party touch required by kids’ spaces.


This original kids’ room styling that includes a wicker piece. Do you remember wicker cribs? We have shown them in some other posts because they are really cute so this material is also becoming an important part of a vintage style.

Of course, wooden playthings are another key element. Fanny & Alexander designs toys that are beautiful, simple and enduring, toys will soul that encourage kid’s imagination. Well, traditional toys have come back to stay and they are going to make your kids imagine!


If you pay attention, they have used soft tones to focus the attention on the wood and create a cosy space. Well, on the wood but also on the wicker details like this vintage-style wicker case. We must look into our lumber room to find these treasures and offer them a new life. Do you like this great idea?

+info: Fanny & Alexander Via: Rafa-kids