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Naturalness and Scandinavian style are the first ideas we think about when we see the creations of April Eleven shop. It is a space where you can find lots of nice wooden details for a children’s room. All of them are handmade and designed in France. Charline, its 28-year-old creator, provides lots of imagination to create every piece. Her inspiration comes from childish worlds, plenty of the things they love like superheroes or kites.


Every little piece of these kids’ items is totally handmade with natural materials in order to get a result which is completely integrated with a Nordic style. These mobiles for cribs are really cool and original and, furthermore, they can be combined with wooden furniture which is usually used in this decoration. Natural wood is one of their main materials although sometimes it’s painted in black or grey tones. Anyway, they are always looking for simple beauty.


This shop doesn’t only offer handmade furniture but also different handmade textiles. If the items are simple, textiles use to look for trendy flashy prints in order to complete a room and add lots of colour. What about this cool swing? A funny detail for kids, they will love it!

handmade-decoration for kids4

They know that a room’s personality is in small details like these superhero-shaped hangers or the simple prints on the wall. Some touches of colour to create a simple and elegant atmosphere which everybody will love!


Mirrors with wooden details are also offered in this shop. The best of this items is that they can be easily combined with each other. If you need some colour you can find it in their prints and textiles. What do you think about this new find?

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