There’s an increasing number of premises that are creating spaces where parents and kids can enjoy at the same time. How many times have we met in a café and haven’t been able to enjoy because of children? Today we bring you an alternative place to have fun together. It’ a very interesting option if you’re travelling to Lisbon with kids.



Petit Canaon’s located at the Parque das Naçoes, Lisbon. It’s been designed by Ternullomelo Arquitectos who’ve chosen wood to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Petit-Cabanon-Cafe1 4

Tables have been placed in the middle of the room in order to watch the kids’ zone. It’s like a house with enormous windows. Kids will enjoy a unique playground with inflatables, labyrinths, tunnels and a small library where having a great time making friends. There you can have lunch or dinner. They offer homemade food and organize every kind of parties! Furthermore, they’ve a great terrace-garden you will love especially if the weather allows enjoying it!