You know we are really visual; we love enjoying children’s photos in wonderful kids’ rooms that surprise us although we have seen a lot of ideas before. This is the reason why we have fallen in love with the Tinta Luhrman’s universe. She is the new collaborator in the kids’ magazine The Junior and we think she is going to have lots of success.

The first thing she has shown is her home, of course! It’s one of those spaces where everything is plenty of inspiration. If you visit her Instagram profile @tintading, you will find that everything she does is similar to her home’s decoration. She has created a kids’ world with her own style! Her experience as a designer and stylist is shown in her impeccable work!



Her story is like many other stories where a good position with a good salary becomes something less important when she wants to spend more time with her daughter doing the things she really loves. She is an expert in the update and reuse vintage objects, and she turns daily objects in something really new. 

If you take a look to her daughter’s room you will have the chance to appreciate her great taste as well as that passion for classic and vintage timeless elements with a special charm. Furthermore, we really love the combination of colours: brown, yellow, beige, white and grey and a soft pink pastel tone, all these tones are present on her Instagram profile. We like cool  Instagram Inspirations like this one.


Another amazing thing about this designer is the creativity she shows while she is playing with her daughter. She uses daily-use elements to create new surprising things. These pictures from above are amazing but also really funny, they are plenty of creativity!



The Junior has a new great collaborator who is going to add a lot of things thanks to her special view of kids’ universe. The pictures with her daughter, creating new characters with everything she finds and all her works with vintage objects…you are going to fall in love with them!

Both her home and her work are really inspiring so you here you are another Instagram Inspiration to follow.

 If you want to see the whole house tour, go to The Junior website.

Image Credits – Sabine BurkunkHans Mossel  and Tinta Luhrman