We all know that results are always better when somebody loves his/her job. Dilemma, a Croatian brand founded in December 2014, is the perfect example of this statement, both Dil, the graphic designer, and Emma, the Boss, love creating those amazing and witty posters and the experience of enjoying them on your walls.

Their high quality motivational and inspiring posters try to improve our daily life or, at least, enliven our walls with fun, talent and, obviously, art. Those handwritten messages can become one of those little details that change your mood.


If we look to their designs for kids, we will get into a world plenty of colour, inspiration and funny bright characters to transform their room into a fantastic universe where they can grow up and develop their imagination and creativity.

Every single character has its own name and story: Louie is the blue bear who loves tea and has a mouse, Mr. Monster is the King of Laughland and Elvis, the sneaky raccoon, steals pizzas! There’s no doubt that imagination is everywhere in this office!


Your little ones will love the elegant fox, that funny owl and the lovely bear and all those amazing animals and monsters with their own personality. Furthermore, they are the perfect touch to complete a nursery or kids’ room décor in a chic way, don’t you think?

“Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!” this is one of the funny messages you can find in the kids’ collection. We think this message is the hidden spirit of the whole range of products for children: Enjoy every moment, create great childhood memories and keep them as a treasure! We are simply in love with this brand’s philosophy!


Creativity and art are always the perfect piece to get a personal space, if you add their talent the result will be simply spectacular! Are you ready to be inspired?

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