How many times have you looked for a stylish and chic wallpaper that doesn’t require being removed in two years? Hibou Home knows that this is very difficult so they offer a wallpaper collection plenty of timeless style, inspired by the Scandinavian decoration. Today, we bring you their coolest novelties.

Star kids’ wallpaper


We love those motifs that are always in. Time doesn’t matter, we will see stripes, spots or these wonderful stars on every kind of surfaces…never it’s too much for us! This model,—created and produced in England according to the highest quality standards— is always a right option. It’s available in soft tones, pastel pink with white stars or white background with blue or silver stars. We can’t choose one!

Family portraits on a wallpaper


Maude the rabbit, Mr. Cat or whatever they prefer to call them, this is part of kids’ imagination, are going to be part of children’s family. This wallpaper is elegant and really funny so is a perfect element for a children’s room. It doesn’t matter if they are kids or babies, they will love it! Parents can invent stories about them, this family is so special.

Indian wallpaper to have a good time


The third and last model is focused Indian motifs. Feathers, arrows and teepees are mixed with simple and neutral tones which will ease its combination with the furniture. It’s available in mint green on a light grey background or in dark blue on a white background. If you don’t know which is the most suitable for you, you can ask some samples to check it.


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