Today we present you the children’s clothes collection by Twist and Tango. The brand’s motto is “ You were born to be real, not perfect”, if you don’t know it , we’ll tell you that is a Swedish women’s fashion company which was founded in 1995. Its designs mix simplicity and elegance so they count on a huge choice of garments with different styles and prints…and they offer sales!


When this company was created it quickly conquered the Scandinavian market and, nowadays, they sell their collections all over the world. Furthermore, they own six stores in Sweden. Twist and Tango is also an ecological company because they are worried about the impact of their production in people and environment. All their designs are made in a sustainable way. It is another reason to choose it if you are really worried about this matter.

TWISTANDTANGO_004-600x847 (1)


At first, Twist and Tango worked with young or adult women clothing but they have recently launched a kid’s clothes collection that you can miss! It follows the same style and good taste that the rest of collections. In it, we will find cute garments for our girls, all in light and dusty colours. Their t-shirts with a message are a good example of that. They are 100% cotton made. Their trousers made of cotton and elastane. Using these garments, you will create very feminine and natural outfits perfect for the vainest at home! You will get a simple and informal combination, they will feel elegant and you will be proud of their amazing look!

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