We at Petit & Small are huge fans of Belgium designer Caroline Bosmans. We are so excited about the launch of their new Spring Summer 2015 Collection and will be available in stores at the end of the month. Every ( C R L N B S M N S ) collection is based on a concept or story and this long-awaited collection, called EMOtICON, is inspired by Emoji face language.

Graphical elements, a neutral palette of colours, minimalism and the play of volumes and textures the keys of the next collection. As always, you will find pieces and prints with an edgy avante garde feeling and a touch of humor.



Caroline Bosmans uses a minimal set of colors, and, although you can find soft yellow, grey and pink shades, the black & white are the main colors of the collection.




What about you? Do you love cool creative kidswear? We think this collection is high-quality design for children.

Photography by Alexander Popelier 

+ info: Caroline Bosmans