Today, I bring you one of those breathtaking projects. It has been executed by Emmanuelle Moreaux and it’s a wonderful nursery full of colours, a really stimulating place where kids can leave their imagination free.

Colour As A Common Feature


The Nursery was called Creche Ropponmatsu and is located in a residential zone in the town of Fukuoka, Japan. Emmanuele Moreaux has been in charge of this crazy and funny project. An amazing result with the sign of the great Moreaux; You just need to visit her website (  to realise that the rest of her projects are full of colours and impossible shapes.


Emmanuelle Moreaux loves using colours in her projects. Most of projects have that colour choice, which is a great option for kids’ frameworks.

Three-dimensional Colours and Elements

Moreaux was in charge of designing the architecture, the inner space, the logos and the graphic signposting of that magic place. It’s clear that she wanted colours to be felt in every corner of the building. There’s no doubt that she has got it.


22 colours were used in 63 4m height colourful trees on the façade. The branches seem to wrap the whole building, protecting it from a less colourful outside world.

Moreux herself explained that she used colours as three-dimensional elements, as layers. In this way, she could create spaces instead of using them as a final touch on a surface so it’s the focus of attention.


There are 200 boxes and 25 different colours in the room where kids play. Every single kid has his/her own box where they can store their personal objects. Really original lockers that will be loved by kids.

The stairs which connect the 4 floors is also full of colours, 18 different tones in fact. This makes that kids are surrounded by diversity inside, outside and also in common zones. Is it positive? Yes! Of course! At this moment stimulation with colours and shapes is crucial. This nursery fulfills its goals as some experts claim that colour help kids to develop their sensitivity and individuality.

Details in The Logo


Colourful trees on the façade have been also included in the nursery’s logo. Another positive point is that this logo is also used on the kids’ uniform and also on the bus. There’s no doubt that this is a perfect combination.

Yes, It’s in Japan. But this is not a reason to recognise that this is an amazing and funny space for our little ones. These nurseries stimulate them and are far away from those cold classrooms without personality.

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