Paula has three children so she really knows what kids like. Argentine-born, she has lived in Paris, India and the Andes with all her family. She has learnt that-sometimes- the simplest is the best. That is the origin of her idea of handmade knit toys, choosing colours and mixing some textures of cotton and felt that make the unique.

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Her Etsy store offers nice things, specially for the huge choice of characters and toys you can find. You realize that her mind is plenty of inspiration that, probably, she has got during all her trips and experiences. This great diversity will always awaken children’s curiosity and minds. They will invent a lot of stories for these toys.


There are several advantages in these pieces and – of course-  they must be stood up because they must be taken into account to buy them. On the one hand, these little toys are handmade, so they are special and singular. On the other, its materials are soft -perfect for children of every age- natural and with intense colours, something great nowadays where everything seems to be made of prefabricated plastic.

The most important characters are superheroes which are originally created by Paula’s imagination. This is perfect because it avoid limits when they are inventing stories. She has even created masked thieves to make games funnier. But if your kids don’t like superheroes, you can choose swimmers and other characters which have lots of details and different personalities.


Looking at dolls’ success, she decided to create new things to play and now you can find food and other knit objects to play the scenes you want with your children. You can be a fisherman who brings fish to cook or an ecologist who wants to free them in the river. She also offers fruit, and knit cakes. They are toys that will last for years, they will offer them a lot of funny hours!


At last, this designer- who can’t stop creating and thinking about new uses and formats for different objects- offers also a party masks collection, each of them with different details. We are certain that her strength is creating unique and special things from the simplest classics. We invite you to see all her characters- which are not a few- . You will need more than one!

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