The pleasure of crafting, raising visual sensitivity, gaining new knowledge through experimenting and play… all this and more can fit into a box, and this is called Koa Koa.  I present a really creative project to you today. Get ready to enjoy!

With a strong design component and an exceptional quality, Koa Koa is a monthly subscription service that delivers craft activities for children from 5 to 10 years old. The talented designer Oscar Díaz creates in exclusivity for Koa Koa educational fun and well-designed projects for kids.

How it works ? Each month, children receive a box containing everything they need to build up 2 projects on a scientific or artistic theme (the wind, the colors, the space, etc).


Products are conceived to serve an educational purpose: establish a cause and effect relationship, materializing abstract concepts, encourage kids’ sense of observation, etc.


A rocket, a phosphorescent poster, a catamaran, a doorbell… are some proposals of Koa Koa. Are you going to miss them?


All the crafts projects are innovative, meaningful and poetic. Love these boxes!

+ info: Koa Koa