What do we ask when we buy children’s furniture? Well, we usually require functional and cute pieces. However, Kutikai offers much more with every single piece as it is a brand that creates ecological products that respect the environment and, furthermore, they stimulate kids’ imagination. Playing is the best option to learn and, for this reason, they create structures that help them to play and invent every day.


Kutikai represents Maria and Dorota, two mum architects that have devoted their knowledge and thrill to the creation of kids’ furniture. If you want some inspiration to decorate your kids’ room, check this furniture, it is simple but kids will enjoy it a lot.

Every single piece is made of birch plywood, using ecological varnish. This furniture’s purpose is not adding colour or details but focusing on the basic things in order to provide them a chance to develop their own imagination to turn every piece into something new. A bed can be transformed into a refuge, a desk becomes a fort…everything is possible with them!


There are two main furniture lines, the Roof Line, inspired by houses and refuges, turns their room into a wonderful place perfect to live adventures and hide mysteries. The bed with a lovely ceiling can also be a castle or a boat and the amazing desk is perfect to wake up their inner artistic side.


We can also find the Peekaboo Line, inspired by the hide and seek game and those lovely mysteries. Lots of hidden places that they will love, this is the key. This line helps them to feel independent as the whole sizes are adapted to their little hands so they can manage the pieces by themselves. Peekaboo also includes some accessories like linen bedding sets or sleeping bags.


It creates a fantasy world where kids can develop their natural curiosity, their wish of discovering every single corner and inventing new different things. This furniture helps them to grow up while they enjoy —daily— their kids’ room. We must remind its ecological value, it is great to know that environment is respected when every single piece is made in their workshop in Poland, this is really important for many parents.

Via Paul et Paula

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