This creative brand is the result of thrill and love for kids. They have used all their experiences to create something different and natural to be offered to their children. Design is present in every single piece that mixes basic lines with original proposals. Nature is really important for them and this is a try to preserve environment while kids’ imagination is stimulated as the furniture invites them to invent.

What Can You Find? 

Their range of products includes basic furniture made of natural materials. The best thing about this is that these simple lines are the perfect element for every kind of atmosphere and, furthermore, its timeless design is going to last for a long time so it will be a great investment that can be adapted once and again.

The environment is a crucial element for kids’ safety so we must teach them how to take care of it. This is a good example to show them that they can enjoy beautiful things without spoiling it.


There are lots of elements that make this furniture special. However, love is the main. Love and thrill are present in every design; in every detail…love is everything in this brand. This is exactly what we want for our kids, don’t you think


Maria and Dorota, two mum architects, are the proud creators of this eco-friendly brand. They have devoted their knowledge and thrill to the creation of kids’ furniture, they take care of every single detail and it can easily be appreciated.