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The story of this company adds a new sense to the products they sell. La Fede (faith in Italian) was created after Chantelle, the founder, lost her job. She tried to look for something to go on, she used the resources she had and made the right decisions to get her dream. Voilà! La Fede was then a reality!

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Chantelle bought several different fabrics, a sewing machine and used all the sewing abilities her mom gave her to create different soft toys with their own personality. Every single character is different and unique, this is why they are so special.

Swoon, their fist collection, was launched on 6th April and it was inspired by theatre’s magic, that wonderful place where everything can happen, where impossible is nothing…what a great lesson for our little ones, don’t you think?

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Chantelle wanted to capture the magic of the theatre in a very luxé collection of some of her old favourite characters and some very exciting newbies. Stage Makeup and Pierrot Collars complete their look. Designed with her signature Minimalistic look, just jazzed up for the Show.

All the characters, old and new ones, are perfectly dressed to play their role in this great play. Kids just have to imagine the story and turn it into a reality with their new fabric friends and all their funny accessories!

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We really like handmade products as include exclusivity as an extra value, they are little treasures, special enough to our unique kids!


Don’t miss these wonderful characters full of love, thrill and hope, they prove that everything is possible!

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