This brand is closely linked with mum’s protection. They want to take care of babies in a soft way, guarantee their safety because they are the most important treasure. In order to get this purpose, they offer a huge choice of products that strengthen the link between the mum and the baby. All of them are made from natural materials and carefully selected and designed for babies. This spirit of maternity is present in the whole range of products because her founder childhood is plenty of memories linked to that provided that her father was an obstetrician and she had the chance to know more about mums and babies’ needs.

What Can You Find?

There is a huge selection of quality products, from textile (blankets, bedding, bags…), fragrances, decoration, furniture, soft toys, or books. As we have mentioned before, they are carefully created and selected to give warmth welcome to your little one. Safety, design and quality are a must to get it and La Langerie knows it. This French brand  could be defined as a “Mum-company” for your kids, you can be sure it will take care of them.


100% cotton blankets are their star product, you can even find lots of tips to use and take care of them so everything will become easier!


 “In its mother’s tummy for nine months, the baby is rocked by the angels who tell it all about life, the world, showing it all the secrets.Its bathed in a soft and wise universe…” They offer a great service to send a birth e-card, try it!