A cute brand which creates handmade dolls with lots of love and their own soul. The designer Laura Cima created this brand in 2015 and, since then, her lovely characters have travelled all over the world to fill kids’ rooms with magic and adventures.

These toys are the kind of pieces which are your favourite ones during your childhood and go with you for the rest of your life! They have that “je ne sais quoi” that makes them really special.

What Can You Find?

100% high quality lambswool is used to provide these creatures with charm and heart. They are carefully created in Spain and their production process includes different phases in which every single detail is taken into account to offer the best product.

There are different characters such as Pedro and Valentina (the astronauts), Catalina the moon, Belka and Félicette (a dog and a cat who have been in the space), Martín the martian or the powerful spatial princess. All of them are nice enough to become your favourite ones!


Every single piece is unique and we all know that exclusivity transform pieces into our little treasures. As we said, there is a soul (and lots of love) included in every single doll.


Some characters are based on the famous old science-fiction films, we are sure you will be able to recognise the references, don´t you? Your little ones will love these toys to the moon and back!