Mustard is a colour that adds an instant touch of warmth to a room. We’re especially keen on mustard accents for the colder autumn and winter months when we need all the coziness we can get.

We’re big fans of changing things up for the different seasons and this doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It’s easy to layer on mustard touches to a kids room and we’re sharing some ideas on how you can do this. The amount of mustard you add depends on your taste and style but even a little bit can make an impact.  It’s also a colour that works for both boys and girls, which makes us love it even more.

One of the quickest ways to add a hit of mustard to a room is to add a playful canopy or tent, like in the little boy’s room featured above. It creates an instant feature that any kid will love and adds a bold focal point to the room.

Here are some more ways to layer with mustard touches:

Mustard bedding is a great way to add some of this warm colour to a kids room. In the colder months, it will even make the bed feel more inviting and cozy.  And bed linen is one of those things that you can so easily switch up to match the seasons.

Another way to add some mustard is by dotting some mustard decorations and accessories around the room. We love the idea of displaying mustard coloured cushions, clothes, books and toys.  No need to buy too many new decorations, just use what you have.

For a big impact, paint a wall or a big piece of furniture in mustard. Paint is such a quick and budget-friendly way to change a look of a room and you can’t go wrong with a big hit of mustard like in the two rooms above.

And finally, don’t forget the floors. Add a mustard rug which will not only make your floors feel warmer but will also make a big, bold mustard impact!

While we’ve picked mustard as our favourite colour for the colder months, you can use these layering ideas with any colour you like. Whats your favourite idea?

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