Mathilde and her partner Brice founded Petit Souk in 2005. Mathilde fall in love with a property in the rue of mômes in Lille and was there where they opened their lovely shop. Great taste and originality are the concepts to describe their selection of products. Every single detail there, even the atmosphere is simply charming. Kids décor, child care, fashion, stationery, little furniture…there is a great choice of amazing and chic products which will make you fall in love with them.

Every detail is carefully selected to offer an exclusive product to their clients. They want to create a characteristic special kids’ universe where their customers feel comfortable.

What Can You Find? 

As we have mentioned before, the range of products is complete: Decor, cutlery, games and toys, fashion, bedding, furniture…a complete universe for kids! Every single product is selected to match the shop’s style so all of them show that  lovely “chic touch”, from the lamps to the clothes, including the party elements.

This is one of those charming shops where you can spend the whole day looking for little and amazing things and here there are a lot of them! You will simply want all!


In spite of this huge variety, Petit Souk is a decoration shop so decoration is the origin of the brand and that´s why this is the most complete section.


They offer a “birth list” service to those people who is going to have a baby soon, your little one will be glad with those cool presents!