A fairy tale turned into a reality. A cool brand that helps to build a better world for your children. Two mums decided to found LEA & JOJO an alternative to all that plastic present in daily life which is not always reused. LEA & JOJO raincoats are carefully created to protect both your little ones and the environment.

What Can You Find?

Eco-friendly raincoats created with recycled plastic, 100% organic cotton without  PHTALATES,PVC, PFOA’S / PFO’S, AZO DYES, or NONYPHENOL ETHOXYLATES. All of them rely on international certification and have been tested by well-known laboratories to guarantee their quality and safety. In addition, all the components of their products are produced according to OEKO TEX 100 standards. These mums want the best for their kids and they create it for yours too.


The brand’s philosophy is a wonderful present for our little ones. We really love all that thrill and commitment wrapping their garments. Every time you purchase one of these pieces you are improving the world, changing it to get something better for your little ones.


Lea and Jojo are the founders’ kids and all the inspiration they needed to make their dreams come true. They wanted to see the world through their kids’ eyes and offer them the possibility of living in a less polluted world. As you can see, they have finally done it! Do you want to take part in it?