Sometimes we get very jealous when looking for clothing for our kids —we just wish they would make them in our size too! This was definitely the case when we spotted this cool squad wearing their trendy raincoats. Lea & Jojo is the brand behind these happy creations for rainier days. Not only do they look amazing but they also have a fantastic story behind them, one that shows the designers’ deep commitment to the environment and to teaching our children values for a better future. If you are trying to make good quality, sustainable purchases for your kids’ wardrobe you can’t miss this fabulous brand!

Besides absolutely stunning photography and lookbooks that tickle our fancy, Lea & Jojo can also offer an inspiring story behind their products. Their focus is to tackle the creative challenge of integrating modern technologies for creating recycled fabrics with unique, practical designs. The final result is an absolute success since their fabrics are 100% recycled yet long lasting, safe and comfortable.

We love that they have been certified by environmental organisations so that we can rest assured that we are collaborating with a good cause. We all know kids are like sponges and it’s rewarding to know that we can provide them with a more conscientious consumer education thanks to brands like this one.

Their first collection is rooted in the transition between hotter summer months and autumn, when the leaves are just starting to turn yellow. Nature is a great source of inspiration, as one would expect, but these original and colourful raincoats will do just as well brightening up a rainy day in the city.

The sizes start at 18 months and go up to 9 years old, while the colour range is trendy and original, with vintage notes and plenty of pastels. You’ll find both plain colours and more whimsical patterns such as pink balloons, penguins or grey doves. They’re all so adorable it’s hard to choose!

It’s so exciting we can turn the purchasing of regular items such as raincoat into a meaningful statement and also a fun experience for everyone. We’re sure the kids will love them since they’re comfortable and thoughtfully crafted for them to be able to play around regardless of the weather forecast.

As suggested by the designers, you can combine the raincoats with fleece or puff jackets as the weather gets colder for a truly versatile multi-season piece. It’s great to have the option of making practical, long lasting investments when it comes to buying clothes for our kids.

We’re always so grateful for brands like Lea & Jojo which show us we can do better as consumers, especially when it comes to our identity as parents.

If you would like to see the entire collection and read more about Lea & Jojo, make sure to visit their website where you will find highly detailed descriptions and all the different raincoat options. They ship worldwide from their headquarters in Switzerland, which is fantastic news!

+ info: Lea & Jojo