Are your children a leaf-hunting? Do they always return home with leaves and sticks? Collecting leaves is a common and great activity in the fall and it’s a good way to learn the trees native to your area. But you also can make a lot of craft and art projects with them! You and your children can transform them into a mask, garland or stick puppets with just a few simple steps.

Here are some of my recent favourite leaf crafts:

leaf-mask (2)

DiY Leaf mask. Get the how-to at Small + Friendly


Leaf stick puppets. Get the how-to at Classic Play


Tracing paper leaf cards. Get the how-to at Willowday


Nature friends collage. Get the how-to at Classic Play


Crown of leaves. Get the how-to at Clickin Moms


Leaf garland. Get the how-to at Garland of grace

If you need more inspiration, you’ll find more great fall projects for kids here.

Enjoy your weekend and get creative with these fall leaf crafts!

First photo of the post: Elisabet Graeber illustration