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How many ways are there to learn the letters? Learning to read is one of the biggest and most exciting developments a child will go through. If you have little toddlers and kids in your home, you know their excitement when they recognize letters, words and names on local street signs or stores. And I’m sure you have read ABC books and played with some alphabet apps.

Today I bring you three projects about the alphabet I love. Three creative ways to learn and enjoy the letters. I hope you will like them as much as I do.



Mister Alphabet by Marshall & Haley Roemen

Mister Alphabet is a figurine designed to bend into every letter of the alphabet. He helps teach children how to understand and form letters. Marshall & Haley Roemen create him to bring the alphabet to life through an innovative interplay of figuration and letter formation, uniting adults with children and design with education. Their Kickstarter campaign is running here. Via

The Typefaces_poster

The Typefaces-newspaper2


The Typefaces by Scott Lambert

This is a playful book that aims to celebrate the art of typography with playful illustrations. Inspired by letterpress printing and childlike observations, it’s a product for kids and kids-at-heart. Each letter has a different font, and it’s transformed into a character —a subtle and synthetical illustration— that shows young readers different typefaces. It’s also accompanied with a small text about the illustrated character.

Beautiful, isn’t it? You can also find  a newsprint edition, posters and t-shirts. Via

app-abcine2 app-abcine

ABCine by Meikme

Do you remember the delightful app The Journey of Alvin? So Meikme studio has done it again! They have launched ABCine, a fun app teaches the alphabet with famous film scenes.

Through Abcine, children will find new worlds, finding letters, and recognize objects, and also make adults accompanying them at the time of learning while having fun; rediscovering that other recognizable world that will surely begin with a mischievous smile.

Again, the illustrations are fabulous, with spot colors and well-combined shapes. Play to learn the alphabet!

Do you want need more inspiration? I also love Apprendre à écrire, a project by Éloïsa Pérez.