Leçons de Choses is the result of the mum’s wish to offer her son special cool furniture for his bedroom.  She decided to create a collection inspired by old school books  inside a vintage universe which has made us fall in love with it. There is a special magic touch in all her pieces like the smell of old books…

What Can You Find?  

All that charm is shared by its great range of products. It includes bags, benches, carpets, desks, bedding, lunch boxes, pillows, skate board-shaped shelves (we love them!), suitcases…as you can see they offer lots of amazing products which will make the difference in those special kids’ spaces.

The funny, colourful and sport style will fill the room of joy and happiness and good vibes. Inviting them to move, to play to discover and to grow up! These designs can also be adapted to a cool teens’ room so they will be a great investment.


Skates are their distinctive feature; you will find this shape in many of their products. It’s an amazing idea from an amazing “mum-designer” and we can say this is Leçon des Choses’ star product.


Magali Arbib, the brand’s founder, is a well-known artist who show her paintings (which include collage with newspapers of 50’s) in Paris. Her art is present in all her designs!