As soon as Suzanna discovered amigurumi (a Japanese crochet technique to create little animals), she decided to learn by herself and the result of this initiative was the little Dora, a mouse with long legs and arms who suddenly became a special member of the family. After the birth of her son, she created Groggy Froggy for him. This special and colourful frog is now the best play partner for him.

Nowadays, when everything is very fast and changing we miss that warm feeling of home, something to remind us that we are not alone. Leggybuddies are exactly that, they are not only toys to be replaced once and again during childhood, they are partners who will become a special part of us for the rest of our lives. Their lovely aesthetics will add that special touch to every kind of decoration once kids have grown up.


They are carefully handmade to take care of you so you must take care of them. Every single character is unique and will play and important role in the creation of childhood memories. Everyone has a special object (a soft toy, a blanket, a doll…) which is considered a little kids’ treasure that will never be forgotten, Leggybuddies will be that little magic friend they will remember forever.

Every design is inspired by daily things like books, blogs of films (Gravity inspired the first member of the Upollo Crew) and has an own personality which is completed with every kid’s imagination so these funny characters will also promote their creativity.


This Swiss luxury brand of toys and accessories knows how important beauty is but they also consider kids’ tastes and quality. All their pieces fill these requirements and the result is simply spectacular. Pay attention to their news because they are planning to launch new products like beanies or shoes for babies, we can’t wait!


Leggybuddies will wrap their childhood with warmth, adventures, fantasy and friendship. There is a lot of love in every little crochet friend, let them share it with your little ones!

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