With a passion for retro design, Les Gambettes creates 50’s inspired furniture, design accessories and wallpaper with bright colours and eye-catching prints. You can find chairs, stools, tables, desks, shelves and clocks mixing metal, wood and Formica, all of them in incredible tones.

Apart from a playful selection of primary or pastel colours and some geometric patterns, for this new Spring-Summer 2016, Les Gambettes offers two new collections: Tropical Summer and Black is Back. The first one mixes classic Scandinavian colorways and tropical warmth, sweet colours and exotic prints. You can find patterns of jungle atmospheres, palm leaves or tropical birds in tones like khaki, citrus or powdery pink.


For a minimal, chic and modern look, don’t miss out the new black line furniture collection and the Graphic Trend series.

Les gambettes- furnitureles-gambettes-kids-furniture-chairs-tables

Although less known than its children’s furniture, Les Gambettes also designs wallpapers and furniture for grown-ups. These cheerful wallpapers are perfect for creating a focal point to one of  your walls.


Céline Tahar and Doriane Sablon, the founders of Les Gambettes, are two friends that fed up with sad colours, tired of soulless chairs and uniform tables decided to create their own retro collection of furniture in 2011. They both came from the fashion world, and they wanted to implement their experience in this new field.

“Our idea was to reconcile the worlds of furniture and fashion by transposing the codes of the ready-to-wear sector into the sphere of interior decoration, in particular the importance of the motif. Our mood boards are reminiscent of a fashion show: the idea is to approach furniture as if it were a veritable fashion accessory. That’s why we imagine simple products – chairs and desks – with just a few references, but with a wide variety to choose from”, says Céline Tahar.

les-gambettes-childrens-furniture les-gambettes-kids-furniture-childrens-room

Nostalgia and modernity go hand in hand with the charming furniture and décor accessories designed by Les Gambettes. These chairs and tables inspired by elementary school furniture can be a great addition to your kid’s room, nursery or playroom.

Combine pieces and colours and create your own model!

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