This cool eco-friendly American brand is not only trying to get the coolest designs but changing and improving our daily life. We are surrounded by toxic and damaging substances which are, once and again, threatening our kids’ safety. This is the reason why LexyPexy wants to raise our awareness in order to choose quality eco-friendly products which respect environment and health. In the case of kids’ products, this is even more important, don´t you think?

What Can You Find?

They offer a huge choice of eco wooden non-allergenic, naturally antibacterial, and non-splintering toys  and teethers which show a chic and beautiful design in order to satisfy all our needs. Furthermore, they fulfill all the safety requirements and they are “safety” produced in the US.


Eco products are the main feature of the brand , however the combination of this element and their amazing and creative design has turned the brand into a personal and original business plenty of imagination and little treasures. The unique pieces are so special that they will become that perfect detail to complete the kids’ room decoration!


There’s a lovely great explanation of the brands’ philosophy on their web site: “If organic is the new black, then Lexypexy teethers are the little black dress!”. We are sure it´s going to become “a must” for your stylish baby!