Are you looking for furniture for children that combines design, function and craftsmanship? Today we show you some pieces for your nursery or kids room that match the latest trends in a modern and urban interior and also attend the needs of everyday life.

The Danish company Leander design furniture for children that links aesthetics, innovation and functionality. Stig Leander, the founder, focuses on shape, function and honest materials, in durable pieces that make the life with children easier. But he also wants to make pieces that encourage play, movement and creativity. Furniture created to enhance development.

When kitting out the nursery with the essentials for your baby, Leander should definitely be on your list to check out. I’m sure you know the Leander hanging cradle or the baby bed, but now they launch a new collection you can’t miss: Linea.

Linea by Leander: Urban, Simple and Clean Design


Linea is the name of a new range of furniture for babies’ nurseries and toddlers’ room. It consists of a cradle, a cot, a changing table and a dresser, all of which are made of oak. The name is a strong reflection of the angles and lines that are distinctive of the collection.

Linea by Leander is simple, light and sophisticated at the same time. Everything superfluous has been eliminated and there is paid great attention to detail and design.

leander-linea-collection2 leander-linea-baby-cot-sofa3

The stylish cot grows with your child. Not only it has two positions, but also can be transformed into a toddler bed and a sofa. Furthermore, with a simple stick, you can add a canopy at the end or the side of the furniture piece. If you combine it with some textiles in pretty tones (bumpers, colourful sheets), I’m sure you will easily achieve a charming nursery.


We should not forget other pieces of the Linea collection.When you have a baby, you’re changing nappies several times a day, so a changing table is an essential in any nursery. This modern, simple one has two heights and two shelves for storage, bowl, washcloths, diapers, baby oil etc.

Another essential is a dresser to keep your child’s clothes, toys and other things. You can choose between different  felt / leather handles and combine with the rest of the room.

leander-linea-collection leander-linea-collection5

Tell me, what do you think about Linea?

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