Little Indians is one of these brands that you know is going to be surprising as soon as you know it. It’s a Dutch brand which offers booties and trousers for kids between 0 and 2, as well as some accessories like postcards and cloth bags.

Little Indians launches its first collection this A/W season. Its designer must be proud because the results are amazing. Details, fabrics, carefully created designs and a huge choice of prints which offer a rebel and innocent point of view plenty of dreams and adventures.




The colour range of the garments includes white, grey, black…but the best is the selection of funny prints which make every garment unique: stars, lightning, spots, triangles and the star print: arrows. Its own logo helps us to understand why arrows are so important. The weapon of this American tribe brings us a magic and rebel world in nature.

Nature is present in sets showed in the pictures and, specially in boots’ design, in details like fringes or the animal print. Furthermore, its interior wool lining and the exterior suede lining grant us a soft and comfortable pair of boots for our baby.



Let your dreams run wild…be brave enough to follow” That’s the brand’s philosophy we —of course— agree with it. If little fashionists could choose, we are sure that  Little Indians would be one of their favourite brands. Fashion and price can also go together.

+info: Little Indians