A complete shop that offers every single detail to create an amazing party. Natalia, the founder, explains how important was finding something really cool to their children parties and how much time she needed to get it. This project is a try to make parent´s life easier. With this company they only have to choose and enjoy the results.

The idea consists in avoiding all those boring visits to every single shop in the city to get those special things. Natalia is a beautiful things lover and knows exactly what do parents want. Now they can find everything in the same place. A great option!

What Can You Find?

As we mentioned before, a great choice of party decoration, party kits, table settings, sweets, party bag, dressing up, special gifts and games and lovely stationery to get customized elements that guarantee this customized charm! If you visit their web page, you will realise that every single element is carefully selected, you will see this love every mum puts in her kids’ party, everything must be perfect. Do you know this feeling? You will be really surprised with every product.


Creating unforgettable moments with all their amazing stuff. Your kids will remember that special party forever!


Natalia decided to create the brand after experienced the stress of preparing their kids’ parties. She was a worker woman who wanted to offer something special to them.