When we visit Little Otja shop, we enter a magic universe where Otja, a friendly rabbit who lives in the Pine Forest, enjoys his Scandinavian lifestyle while he works as a botanist and walks around the forest. This peaceful and magic spirit is a common feature in all the products on the Little Otja’s shop.



Otja has lots of cute friends Lorem, Nanna and Dolor who have their own story to tell and will also become wonderful roommates for your little ones. All of them appear on the nicest posters you can imagine to transform your kids’ bedroom into a daily fairy tale.



These minimal, original and colourful posters will be the perfect touch in every kind of atmosphere. Pastel tones and cool messages match everything, don´t you think!



Once again, less is more as far as decoration is concerned. Trendy and simple Nordic style is always a successful choice for both babies and kids (and even for teenagers). We have fallen in love with every single design and can’t wait to see those gorgeous characters filing on our walls!

We are sure that your kids will be really interested in knowing more about Otje and his friends, visit Little Otje site and meet them!


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