We really like to find brands that offer their own philosophy and values as a complement for their products. Little Pushkin knows that magic is a must element for kids, they always keep in mind all those special and little details that are the main ingredient to create wonderful childhood memories, those moments of joy when then don’t want to grow up…do you remember them?


Art, creativity, new designs and, of course the best quality. These are the main features of this fashion shop. They offer the coolest clothes for kids between 0 and 10, all of them are carefully created by the most talented professionals. “It was born in Bangkok, discussed in Tokyo, thought and fought over in Shanghai, designed in Milan, worn and hoorayed by our little fans in Moscow.” We are sure they have collected creativity from every single place to create their amazing pieces which seem to be produced with kids’ dreams and wishes and fairy tales’ magic.

Their designs are not only cute but also original, creative and very chic. They are fresh, funny and comfortable for kids and simply trendy and lovely for adults so we are sure that both you and your kids will immediately fall in love with this special brand.

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Colours, shapes, prints…everything is showed as a game for them. No rules, no limits. Imagination is the only repeated element in this colourful collection where kids enjoy the feeling of living in a dreamy reality where everything is possible.


This infinite childhood spirit reminds the Peter Pan’s magic, they have created their own fairy dust to add them to every single garment in order to dress kids with the most brilliant and whimsical fashion for kids. Do you want to travel to their Neverland Universe?

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