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Art and beauty are the key to get the most magical atmosphere you have ever seen. If you add talent, the result will be simply breathtaking. Sarah Betz is the German illustrator who mixed up all these ingredients to create Little Cube, the brand which will cover your nursery with elegance and stylish creations together with Little Cloud, the lovely shop where you can find charming accessories for your nursery.

Teatime is the result of that successful collaboration. This nursery collection is full of friendly birds, mice and cats enjoying all kind of colourful cakes and cute cups of tea, all of them surrounded by soft flowers that make us fall in love!

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We really like that childish and fantastic touch to add that playful vibe every children’s space requires. It looks like a real fairy tale!

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The most whimsical posters, cushions, wall hangers and postcards will become the focus of attention because of their nice and delicate motifs. Remember that details can turn a room into their little magical universe where they can dream and grow up.

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Light tones are often used on nurseries’ walls to inspire peace and tranquillity, to chill out and relax. However, they can also be boring if you don’t enliven them with special elements…Is there any better option than these bright and funny items?

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This mouse cushion (first picture of the post) is one of our beloved pieces of the collection. It’s so sweet and would be a great accent for your kid’s room. It is backed in a floral print fabric, exclusive to this collection.

Another favourite is this set of three prints that will look great in any corner of the room. Use washi tape and create a mini gallery of art in your nursery.

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You can also choose a wooden moon or cloud to be hung on the wall. Each one is covered in exclusive floral fabric on both sides and has some pale gold glittering details (star or drops).

Are you ready to transform the nursery into a little and fantastic world wrapped with delicious colours, flowers, and cakes? Sweeten your spaces with style!

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