lötiekids is one of those innovative brands with its own concept of fashion. Comfort and design are the main ingredients of this Spanish label that has just launched a wonderful winter collection which tries to spread a cosy feeling among all the little ones who wear its garments.

Both boys, girls or babies will love these long-lasting quality pieces that allow them to show their personality and preferences.Walking in the forest, playing in the park, exploring the world around them…these are the activities that help kids to show themselves as the unique people they are.


Most of the clothes are unisex and timeless so every single kid will feel free to choose what they want to wear. This is also really functional for parents as all the siblings can share or inherit the garments, it doesn’t matter if they are boys or girls. lötiekids clothes are designed to last, so they can be even be used for generations!


These basic and wearable designs have been inspired by the Nordic style and Japanese charming sophisticated simplicity. They can be easily combined to each other to get a nice easy look or included in a personal outfit as a base, we guarantee the success! As always, the colours are just perfect: grey, petrol blue, tile and curry. These tones are combined with funny, delicate and creative prints to wrap autumn with the trendiest fashion.


Animal and graphic prints keep all the attention when they are mixed with plain garments to create a modern and playful outfit. Sweatshirts, trousers and t-shirts are full of life and dynamism so kids will be soon feel identified with them. To go to school, to visit the family, to play in the playground…they are always the daily perfect choice!


As you have seen, lötiekids goes beyond fashion and trends to let your kids become whatever they want while they live free and enjoy a childhood plenty of adventures and challenges. Let them live their own fairy tale with this whimsical collection!

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Pictures: lötiekids, @haaikie and @lucandjim