The greatest solution against kids’ “daily disasters” (regurgitation, bedwetting, vomiting…), Louis Le Sec Home linen collection is a complete selection of products to make kids feel comfortable and guarantee parents the best quality and care.

The magical Louis’ world is created to avoid those little kids’ problems that can be an obstacle to enjoy their daily life. They can live all their adventures without worrying about them so we are sure they are going to enjoy all these products.

What Can you find? 

As we have mentioned, there’s a huge choice of products to ease both parent’s and kids’ lives: duvet covers, sheets, pillow cases, bed bumpers, hooded towels, changing pads covers, bibs….As you can see, there’s everything you may need. Furthermore, we must also mention that all of them are made of 100% combed cotton jersey, waterproof and soundless (they include an innovative membrane of polyurethane). This system is also useful to protect kids from dust mites, bacteria and viruses, do you need anything else? Well, it has a cooling effect! They are going to be really comfortable!

Designs are great and specially created to be mixed and matched so don´t worry if you have to wash only one of the pieces of the set, you can replace it with another and it will still look cool! Moreover, they are reversible, lots of combinations to enjoy!


Their innovative system against leaks, spills and allergies as well as the quality materials and matching designs are the strength points of this cool brand!


They offer lots of opinions about their products so you can have a previous idea of the features of the product. Anyway, there’s a FAQ’s section where you can find all the info to use and take care of your sets. They are designed to last for ages! Let your little one dream without worrying about bedwetting!