One of those magic brands which wraps kids’ wardrobes with the charming glam of the French capital city. Louis Louise was created in 2006 by Carine Enthoven, fashion editor, and Elise Hattab, Press Officer. Their experience in fashion world is present in every single piece of clothes, they are elegant, glamorous and really stylish. Your kid will bright as a star! Paris is the inspiration for their collection so you will recognize its influence in all their garments.

What Can You Find?

They offer a huge choice of clothes for kids between 0 and 12 and, as they mention on their site, you will find:

  • girls in flouncy skirts,
  • baby in bloomers,
  • sparkling colors that illuminate the most urban tones,
  • delicate prints,
  • staggered cuts,
  • romantic lace or golden dots that shimmer…

That´s a perfect description of their range of products but it´s not necessary if you take a look to their cute designs!


Charm, simplicity and refinement, this is the motto of Louis Louise and we must admit we love it! Every outfit is simply great! Glamour is not a term which can usually be linked to kids so this is a different way to approach it to them, why not? We really love their concept!


They also offer bed linen, sleeping bags and bunting, fill your home with charm!