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To the wild is the boy we were someday, the endless exploring attitude, it’s looking at the world with different eyes every time.” This is the presentation of a shop where we can find the most fashionable tipis suitable to both the inside and the outside, always with lots of imagination. There’s not any doubt that simple things are the best and they don’t need lots of complements. This is something we can prove with these…¿Toys? ¿Pieces of furniture? ¿Hiding places? You can give them the name you prefer!


These tipis by To the Wild have been created by Lole and Diana who grew up in small villages in Asturias and know how funny is playing in the nature with your favourite hiding place near. Enjoying the countryside or the beach is much funnier if we rely on a place to shelter. It will help us to create different stories. The purpose of these tipis is remembering us how funny is being a child and how happy they can be with one of these details.

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These tipis are made of cotton (70%) and polyester (30%), with a pine wood structure. Their measure 100x100x130/160 and they are handmade in Asturias, so they are really special. Their fabric is machine washable and also be ironed to allow them using their tipi wherever they want, from the countryside to the beach. They include a textile cover to take them to their next holidays.

Which models are available? You have the feminine model, Aiyan, in pink and yellow, with a really original and flashy flower print. They also offer Nodin, with black and white stripes, perfect to combine with home decoration. At last, specially for rustic parents, Guayapi which looks like the authentic tipis, with brown fabric.

Each one of these pieces is perfect to perform their games. Furthermore, you can customize them. There are lots of ideas. You can include cushions and a plush blanket to make it more comfortable. You can also add different fabrics, garlands or embroidery to their fabric to customize, even more, each tipi. Although you are very good at crafting, you assemble them easily and increase their value with the above mentioned details. You can be sure it’s going to become their favourite place. And if you want to try to come back to childhood, you can ask them to invite you to enter. So bring out the child inside you!

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