Olli Ella is one of those brands which makes the difference. It’s perfect for all of those parents who love vintage items, it has got many products for every member of the family. However –as usually- we are especially interested in kids’ section and this part is also surprising. From suitcases to printings, including baskets and rugs. Everything covered with one of those taste which takes us to other times. This is a brand to be taken into account.

See- ya Kids’ Suitcases


Olli Ella offers a huge choice of products, but if we had to choose we would underline their kids’ suitacases. It’s the See- ya suitcase collection, a really unique product with that retro touch present in every brand’s product. It is colourful as kids prefer.

These suitcases are ideal to keep all their clothes or everything which may be useful during a trip with their parents. They have been created for kids between 2 and 6 years old, so they are light and will be easily taken by kids thanks to their wheels. In addition, they are quite light (only 1.5 kgs) and resistant and they have an elastic band around them so kids can take other things such as that doll they take with them even when they are travelling.


There are four available colours, all of them with a soft touch. Thus, we can find them in mustard, green, pink, brick red and mint (we really love mint).

Yes, these suitcases are perfect to travel with the complete family but- considering their look- they could turn into an extra ornament. They are a perfect storage space to place in their bedrooms or play room to keep all their little treasures.

More Portable Storage


This brand offers lovely baskets. Olli Ella shows other interesting elements which can also be useful to transport everything they want.


As an example, they have a basket with wheels so they can keep and take everything they want. This is the Luggy basket, perfect for the beach, playground, easy to take and really cute.


We can also see Mini Chari in different colours. It’s a functional basket. It can be used on their bycicles oras a bag to carry all their toys.

Cool Toys for All

The playful part is also present on this site. There are many toys to choose from. You have- for example- Play’n pack, a bag filled with portable fun for your little adventurers. This bag contains imaginative games for your kids. Thye will help those little monsters to be quiet during the journeys. There are lots of hours of creative fun to make travelling easier.


You can also find the beautiful Holdie house. A light toy house made of wood which can be easily transported. In addition, you can also find furniture to decorate it. Is there anyone who has not dreamt about having one like this? Make their wishes come true!


If your little one is a little artist, maybe he/she will prefer the Pollie shelf. It’s a little shelf which included a paper roll. You can hang it on the wall or place it on the table. The paper will provide your kid with a huge space to draw.

This shelf can also be used as a hanger. Place it on the wall without the paper roll and it will be perfect to hang clothes.

Decorative Prints


At last, we are going to take a look to the decorative prints offered by Olli Ella. They are perfect for every kids’ corner. One shows all the ABC letters so kids can get used to them. There is also a world map to learn more about different continents and seas.

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