We were looking forward to telling you about this project since we knew the baby’s clothing company Lovelyten. Its founders have faced the challenge of launching an ecofriendly collection this season.

To get it, they have chosen fiber Tencel for its features and advantages. To sum up, this fiber comes from wood and it’s 100% biodegradable. The best thing is that it doesn’t content toxic substances. It gets a great denim effect but —at the same time— keeps fineness that baby clothing requires.


Bearing this philosophy in mind, garments are really comfortable and cute! Autumn colours, retro style and an special personality are present in every piece of clothes. Designs are simple but very sweet. They offer elegant, delicate and unique proposals. The result shows quality garments with an excellent finish.


We are getting more and more worried about the origin, the processing and the quality of kids’ clothing, specially for babies. However, sometimes we find difficult finding trendy garments that fulfill this requirement. That’s because we love this brand and we hope it keeps growing. It deserves it!

+info: Lovelyten