Now that winter blues are coming closer to an end it’s time to use our energy spikes to bring out our most creative side to decorate or change a space, and if we can do that while cutting costs even better! This time we thought we could show you some low-cost inspiration for the playroom.

The goal is to prepare an area where they can develop their intellect, imagination and their will to learn and dream. What better project than creating a space where they can enjoy playing and growing up like the one we see in this Pinterest room with a large blackboard.

Cushions, Rugs and Mats for the Playroom

Many kids love reading so what better idea than creating a reading area for them that can also serve as a resting spot after a busy afternoon playing all over the house? We could simply put together some mats, cushions, and blankets in order to create a cosy reading nook: so nonchalant and bohemian but also adorable, like the one we can see in this vintage reading corner by Belivindesign

This room on Instagram displays an amazing combination of fabrics in pastel colours and different geometric prints. Mats, bean bags and cushions come together to create a dynamic playroom where things can be moved around on a daily basis and where they can enjoy every inch.

DIY Ideas for the Play Area

DIY projects are a must when discussing low-cost ideas. This one is super simple: creating a reading or play bench with a board and two piles of magazines. This one is by Paulina Arcklin, an informal yet charming suggestion.

Have you got a spare cardboard box? They’re so easy to find, and could be something both children and pets can turn into an object of their imagination. Thanks to DIY inspiration you can go one step further and literally turn this box into something else. We found this one on La voz del muro, a charming little house decorated with bunnies. What ideas can you think of using a simple cardboard box?

Stylish Storage Ideas for the Playroom

In order to keep things tidy in this part of the house where chaos tends to reign, you can include affordable storage ideas which are also simple for the kids to use. For instance, this wooden box with wheels by Room-to-grow. It’s decorated with simple white triangles and blends in perfectly with the room’s Nordic style. 

Finally, this room displays an idea we’ve liked from the first time we saw it in a Scandinavian inspired space: storage paper bags. They’re a great idea because of their affordable and light nature which makes it easy to drag them around the room when picking up toys. It’s all advantages!