kids-decor-luckyboysunday-SS15-bow jovi-rug

LuckyBoySunday S15 campaign is up on their site! As always cool pictures for a fun collection. It’s crazy beautiful! Camilla Ebdrup and Camilla Kørschen’s work magically straddles the worlds of adults and children, the everyday and the unusual, bringing a poetic, artistic sensibility to your house.

The new ‘Bobby Rugs’ are very graphic and have great colour splashes. They are hand tufted in Varanasi, India, and are perfect both for the living room and the children’s room.


For this season, they have created a teddy for you … His name is ‘Little Nulle’, and he’s a real plush toy and made of super soft fake fur.


But I want for me the ‘face it blanket’ made of 100% merino wool. It is warm and stylish, and I love its graphic pattern in grey and white.


Take a look at LuckyBoySunday website and discover more creative products for your home decor and very cute soft toys for your kids.

Photographer Andreas Stenmann 

+info: LuckyBoySunday  (Via)