Shopping for furniture can feel like a daunting task. We’ve all gone through the process: checking mainstream catalogues, visiting shops, feeling overwhelmed and mostly, uninspired. The designers behind LumoKids Furniture went through a similar process and decided there was a need for more inventive pieces, especially when it comes to children’s furniture. Their brand reflects the young spirit of this group of Finnish designers, clearly idealistic and willing to change the way we think about decorating our homes.

As many of the brands we enjoy sharing on our website, LumoKids Furniture is based upon principles that have been actively erased in our current mass production industrial model. All of LumoKids‘s wooden creations are made from birch plywood, while their upholstery is made exclusively from cotton. The result is a toxin-free, long lasting and easily recyclable product. Moreover, the designers’ background and passion for art and design clearly shine through in their modern and elegant lines and the functionality of each piece. A true Scandinavian gem!

Besides the practical and value aspects, LumoKids definitely appeals to our children’s most salient trait: their imagination and creativity. Designed for and inspired by children, these products keep our little one’s needs as the most crucial guideline. For instance, the stylish Korento bed (pictured above) is designed to help our little ones feel cosy and safe, with its low height and side bar.

Ketara bed is a little gem! You can adapt it to match the age, size, and interest of your child. Ketara grows with your child, from toddler to teenager. You can use it as a canopy bed for a toddler in 160cm long version. Then when the child grows, the family can turn the bed upside down and transform it into a loft bed (under the bed, children can make their own hiding place or use it as a storage space) or bunk bed (if siblings sleep in the same room). Later, you can extend the bed to 200 cm thanks to longer sidebars.

Once more, versatility is an essential part of the bed collection since most of their pieces can be rearranged and turned into single beds, bunk beds, or beds for older children. They also always offer plenty of storage options! Additionally, one of our favourite aspects is the simple and fresh colour scheme, which allows for the design to stand out while also giving us a myriad of accessorising options. We are already thinking of so many rooms where these gorgeous beds would fit perfectly!

Bunk bed LumoKids

We think Sieni stool is definitely the highlight of their current collection, eye candy for anyone who enjoys playful design! When decorating for children, it can be challenging to meet a tasteful balance between fun and appealing to the little ones, and at the same time fitting in with our decorative standards. Sieni will surely keep both parties more than happy, we can’t keep our eyes away from them! Besides, they are also extremely practical since they offer storage space and the cover is easily removed and washed.

Feeling better about furniture shopping? Yeah, we do too. If you want to explore the collection and read more about these inspiring designers, check their beautiful website and social media accounts. A true pleasure to browse through!

+ info: LumoKids