The lazy, the lovely, the basic, the childish and the one that never stops. No, we are not telling you a new version of the seven dwarfs although it seems something like that. We are presenting you the Lunatiques family, designer chairs with their own personality.

A chair with personality? Yes, we know it sounds strange, because we use to understand furniture as functional pieces for home but this chair family adds a life and a story to every chair. Separated, they are interesting with their own character and their different design. Together, they form a family with common features like black metal which makes them seem a game of shadows and the representation of a character who has become a chair (or vice versa, who knows?)

lunatiques-kids-furniture2 lunatiques-children-chairs3

This funny idea is the two young architects’ first project. Hèlene Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmann, who love cool and creative ideas. They have created it helped by Compagnons du Devoir and everything is completely explained in their blog, Heju.  According to them, this metal clan is like their baby because it’s the first they show and there isn’t doubt that they will make the difference at every home.There is a childish chair for kids’ room or a bench to create a relaxing and writing space outside. The best is that they can be placed everywhere from the kitchen to bedrooms. Their metal design makes them perfect for the garden. If you want to make them even more comfortable, you can add a cushion with a print according to the chair personality.


We love the kitchen stool and the lazy easy chair to the adult bedroom. However, provided that separating them isn’t good, you can always use all the chairs in the same room because they create a very special set. Children will love inventing stories about their personalities so they won’t be just another piece of furniture which fulfill its function, but something that allows them developing their imagination. Both you and they will enjoy this amazing furniture. Your home will become a special place plenty of characters!

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+info: Heju