Luula is a new brand designing simple, beautiful children’s furniture. The furniture is designed with the Montessori principle of ‘help me to help myself’ at it’s heart. The collection, which includes a play table, shelving unit and a storage unit,  allows children to play independently and creatively, whilst providing clever storage at the same time.

The simple, natural designs fit into any interior. The pieces are made in Latvia from the highest quality FSC certified birch plywood. They are durable, practical and safe, and have been designed to serve several generations.



What Can you Find? 

The Luu-Table is the first piece in the collection. It is a play table designed for pre and primary school children, aged 3-10 years. The height adjustable  table can be used for any activity that helps the child play and explore the world around them. From drawing, to painting, to sand play, as well as anything else that little imaginations can dream up. There is space for a paper roll, water pots,  paint brushes, pens and pencils, a sand tray, blackboard and a clear plastic board. Endless creative opportunities.

New additions to the collection include a shelving unit and fun storage unit. Each piece is designed to allow children to access toys and activities independently. Adding a beautiful, practical touch to any space.


Luula furniture is designed around the wishes of children and the needs of parents. Parents who dream of a creative, young generation, in a beautiful tidy house. Children who long for independence, creativity and adventures.


The Luu-Table was designed to enable a friend’s child to have access, in the house  to her favorite play activity throughout the cold, wet winter months. An indoor sand box!