Celia Pascaud-Clément, a computer engineer, decided in 2015 to create her own brand. She wanted to mix “the charming poetry, imagination and smiles between kids and parents”. Ma Petite Fête is the result of that decision. It’s a try to offer unforgettable parties where both kids and parents get lovely memories which will last forever. She creates her own accessories to provide a special touch to every celebration. During the preparation of her own wedding in 2014, she felt the need of introducing herself in party’s universe. Fortunately, she has finally done it!

What Can You Find?

Everything for your party! Decoration (balloons, tableware, confetti, garlands, pom poms…), cutlery, plates, cupcakes, cake toppings, fancy dresses, bakery products…All their original products are based on the themes they propose for parties: cowboy, circus, princess, mermaid, pony club…Lots of ideas to get inspiration!

Everything is specially designed to  create special atmospheres plenty of fantasy and magic, this is the purpose of this brand and it really gets it!


The thrill and love used to create all the design are the most characteristic feature of this creative brand. Every detail is carefully chosen in order to get the best result. Creativity and meticulousness are present in all their products.


You can order your own products for special events like weddings or baptism, everybody will be surprised by those original designs! Let’s do it more special if possible!