Carolinne and Fabienne decided to live a professional adventure together after meeting while they were working in different places. They found really special to work with: the first present of our life, that important object which comes with us forever. Maybe a blanket or a soft toy that makes the difference in childhood.

This is the origin of their idea, a box plenty of original kids’ treasures which can be enjoyed by the baby and the mum. All their products are made in Europe and share quality and design.

This box tries to be a “Memories factory” for kids, this is a beautiful concept, don´t you think?

What Can you Find?

The range of products includes boxes for boys, for girls and limited edition boxes. The boxes can include soft toys, blankets, infusions, decoration objects like lamps or printings with messages, bedding accessories, little notebooks, shoes and they have recently included fragrances! Everything is so lovely…we are sure every mum will be happy with these amazing boxes!

There also sizes for the boxes, big and small so you can choose according to your needs.


All the boxes show the name of the brand and their characteristic bear wearing a bowtie (the same soft toy included in boxes). Quality, design and originality are a must in all the products you will find inside their cute boxes.


You can also buy the items separately but they are so nice that you won´t be able to choose!