Macarena Bilbao designs and creates wood toys in her little studio in the Canary Islands. All her pieces are full of sensitivity and great taste. Her kitchens look like if they were taken from a fairy tale and have those charming touch that makes us fall in love with them as well as she who is really authentic, natural and very friendly (you will see it in the interview).

We have followed her from the beginning and we really like sharing all her talent with the rest of the world. We want to know more about her plans and the spirit of her amazing wooden kitchens and toys.

As an entrepreneur, what would you say to those readers who have a project in mind and too many fears to accomplish it?

They must evaluate the viability of the project. I know it doesn’t sound romantic at all but if figures don’t match on the paper, it will be really difficult in real life.

What’s the best and the worst of this entrepreneur’s way?

The best is the satisfaction of seeing your development, your ability to create ideas, products…it’s not brilliance or art, it’s simply effort. The worst are loneliness and paperwork.


What are your current projects?

I am working in wooden cribs for dolls. They share the same style with the kitchens and you can combine fabrics and woods.

What’s the distinguishing feature of Macarena Bilbao’s products?

Well, I could mention that they are made of wood instead of MDF (I spend more time to sand it) and that the info is on the web, because sending a mail to a Gmail account is quite easier than having bilingual site with photos, payment gateway, PayPal, corporate mail and a hosting for which I have to pay every month. But if we are a bit romantic, people often say that they have my signature. J


If you started again, what would you change?

Well, I have made many mistakes but, I really like that way. I wouldn’t change it. As an example, I had my hair cut last year, I wouldn’t even change that. That made me change my working processes. Now, I outsource this part of the process and I have got more time in the production process.

Which social network is the best for your project?

Pinterest is the best in the international context, maybe because I only have it in English, and also Instagram. But I must also mention bloggers, they have a great influence!


A professional memory to tell your grandchildren?

Wow! There’s no doubt that that is the best part! The amazing things that happen to me. From sending products to remote places like Bali, North Korea, Singapore, Australia or Argentina, being interviewed by VOGUE US, or one of my kitchens in a castle in Germany…I had to check the address on Google Maps to believe it!

Where does your inspiration come from?

I always say that people are who tell me what they want. I just use those needs. There’s no merit in this, well, I have to spend much time on social networks and I find wonderful treasures with my computer! It’s curious but I follow people without any kind of relation with my sector but they have great ideas that can be applied to my world.


What’s your biggest fear?

I guess you are talking about the professional field. If you are talking about being out of the business interruption. I can’t imagine myself growing as a big toy shop chain. I am small, like some kind of Gepetto in 21st Century. I think the saw is more dangerous.


What words do you use more?

Mmmmm, well I think that they are not suitable to be mentioned here…Now seriously, “Please” and “Thank you”. Please because I am always asking for opinions and favours and thank you for all the feedback I get.

What is your biggest eccentricity?

I don’t think I am extravagant. I am a bit weird I must admit it. Furthermore, as I spend as much time alone I think I am becoming a bit hermit. I am also a bit obsessive compulsive although I don’t have a diagnosis; when I start something I can’t stop until I get the perfect result.


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